We LOVE individual lashes.
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We’ll show you that applying individuals lashes is easier than it looks! Melbourne artist Stella from SP makeup, shows us how!

Stella says “I prefer individual lashes to extensions, because they don’t damage the natural lash” and we absolutely agree! Individuals can be worn for multiple days (sometimes even a week if you’re careful. If removed with some oil or makeup remover, individuals will come off in seconds, and won’t damage the natural lash.

Individual lashes are a great way to customise & create your own lash look by using different lengths across the eye. In this tutorial Stella uses our fluffy doubled individual lashes in medium and long. Starting with the long lashes on the outer corner, and getting shorter from the middle to the inner corner, Stella is able to create a natural but glamorous look.

Check out the video below to watch the tutorial!

We love fresh talent, and Stella with her business SPmakeup is definitely Melbournes next rising star! Check out her work to see flawless bases, clean contouring and some creative eye work. Instagram: @spmakeup

Why you should try individual lashes

Individual lashes are so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them
Individual lashes can be applied in less than 10 minutes
Individual lashes will last 3-5days
Individual lash allows you to create your own custom shape, by mixing up different lengths

3 Pack

With 20 hairs per cluster, our individuals are double the thickness of standard individual lashes, giving you EXTRA FLUFF! With 60 clusters per packet you’re bound to get 10 clients out of a set of 3. Buy a 3 pack here

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