Handmade Lashes

Inspired by Greek customs & mythology, we’ve designed a range of lashes to empower your inner Goddess. We’ve handmade our entire collection to give you the best quality available. Mati Lashes are 100% human hair, we achieve a look so natural & comfortable, you won’t even know you’re wearing them.


The Mati originates from the Greek word for “evil eye.”

With its roots planted in Ancient Greece, the concept of the evil eye is widespread, believed across various cultuyres & religions including islam, Buddhism & Hinduism. It is believed the gaze of jealous eyes can bring misfortune upon the one who is being stared at, even if it is not intentional.

& so a Mati pendant is worn in order to invoke good spirits and to protect ourselves from evil. The pendant can be hung anywhere, or worn by anyone.

You’ll look so good in our lashes we know you’ll need protection.

How to Apply Lashes

  1. Remove Lashes from tray: Use your thumb to gently wriggle across the band and slide lashes off tray, do not tug or grab from the tips.
  2. Measure Lashes: Place lashes across your lash line, the inner corner of the false lash should start on your first inner natural lash. Any excess must be trimmed from the outer corner, or the shape of the lash will change.
  3. Applying Glue: Apply a thin layer of glue using a cotton tip or squeezing directy from the bottle. Wait 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky before sticking on the lashes.
  4. Adhere lashes to the base of your natural lash line and squeeze with natural lash for a few seconds until dry. False lashes should not touch the skin of your eyelid but sit close to the root of your natural lash.

How to maintain and reuse your lashes

To reuse your lashes at their maximum potential

  1. Remove your lashes: Do not sleep in lashes, and use an oil free makeup remover with a cotton tip or your fingers to peel glue remenants off the lash. This will help to extend the life and comfort of your lashes
  2. Lash box: Keep your lashes stored in their box, this will prevent collection of dust or unwanted dirt